We craft JOURNEYS, ADVENTURES and EXPERIENCES for you to explore Andalusia and Spain, with authentic inmersions in authentic FLAMENCO, savouring its GASTRONOMY and embracing the vibrant CULTURE of its people.

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Top Itineraries to Experience the Heart of Flamenco and Its Origins

An exhilarating journey through the singing region of Cádiz , spanning 6 days and 5 nights.”
The Ultimate Flamenco Experience
A Trip Mixing Flamenco Vibes with Cadiz Beaches from the 18th to the 20th of July
An unforgettable 6-day, 5-night trip to the land of the “abandolao” style
Join us on a journey that will immerse you in the authentic world of Flamenco, offering unforgettable memories and a unique connection to the culture of Andalusia and Spain


Since 2016, at Dunacandela, we have specialized in Flamenco, working closely with all the tablaos and peñas in Spain. We are familiar with the artists and festivals, and we are the only company specialized in Flamenco culture applied to the tourism industry.

In collaboration with travel agencies, we design and plan tours and  experiences for you to discover Andalusia and Spain through Flamenco, its gastronomy, and the authentic culture of its people.

Let us be your guides on this journey through the sounds, flavors, and experiences that only Flamenco can offer.

Discover a new dimension of Flamenco culture with Dunacandela!”

Alicia Rose Bonner
Alicia Rose Bonner
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Best experience ever! We got to learn & live the real culture of Andalusia & flamenco.
Jill Snow
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Discovering Spain (Andalucia) via flamenco is a unique, rewarding experience because you will enter into a special culture full of profound, rhythmical music and meet open expressive people and artists, and you will be moved to joy and depths of emotions that are not usually felt in your normal travels.
Miguel Ángel Ampudia
Miguel Ángel Ampudia
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"It was a great experience to get to know Cadiz through the flamenco performances offered by dunacandela. They are very attentive and the treatment is unbeatable, we repeat for sure!!!"


25 July 2023
Welcome to dunacandela.com After several years of research, interviews, meetings and courses; a lot of money in tickets to shows and festivals (without a journalist’s pass), many, many phone calls, and some moments of uncertainty and anxiety at the point of giving up… today we are on the move. And yes, we do it now, in the middle of this global economic-sanitary crisis with all the right measures and adjustments to adapt to such extraordinary circumstances and be able to offer with dunacandela.com what I have been dreaming of since 2016: flamenco experience


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