Henry Miller said that when we travel our destination is not a place, but a new way of seeing things. Someone else also said that you can discover flamenco by visiting Andalusia, but you can also get to know Andalusia through flamenco and in this way discover a land rich in cultural diversity, genuine and authentic. For this reason, we have designed experiences, activities and personalised tours that originally and uniquely allow the flamenco-traveller to live and participate in the culture of our land. We want to be your host for shows and festivals, become our guest to  gastronomic experiences where you can enjoy the traditional and avant-garde cuisine of our region and we pay special attention to the wines of Jerez and its wineries. We have recently launched “El Tablao de Dunacandela”, which is nothing more and nothing less than having the possibility of taking the “Tablao” experience to any place, with its show, atmosphere, and Andalusian gastronomy.

Welcome, you are going  to live an Andalusian Adventure

There are many ways to travel through the living culture of a people, through their places, their guitar, their dance. Next, choose how do you want to live this adventure through a 

Flamenco Experience




Origin, the starting point of our journeys


The land that sings


Flamenco in the Capital of Spain


Explore and discover Cadiz and Seville through flamenco and its culture. Travel with artists and “cantaoras” families, listen to their experiences, learn from professionals


Cadiz sea coast, and villages

a trip to the flamenco land of  "los Cantes de Cadiz"


From Cadiz to Sevilla

the ultimate journey to the roots of flamenco


From vineyards to cellars..."al compás"

the magic of winemaking in the Sherry region

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