Diverse, wide-ranging, with a richness that lies above all in its gastronomy, its culture, its customs and its people. A melting pot of cultures where the pillars of flamenco art were forged.

Andalusia is diverse, both in geography and culture. Valleys and rivers, beaches and mountain ranges are home to natural wealth, with their olive trees, vines and almond trees and in its people and their customs the living culture of a thousand-year-old people. A melting pot of culture and life. 

A way of being in the world crafting art that characterises us from the rest… Flamenco.

Tierra de Andalucía, tierra que canta,
tierra de hombres que tienen nobleza y rabia.
Cantaba el agua del río, cantaba el viento y la flor,
cantaban los pajarillos porque mi dueño llegó.


From Triana to  Sevilla, from Lebrija, Utrera and Alcalá, and some "cantes por soleá"


In the mountains by verdiales and rondeñas anda malagueñas by the seaside.


Silent and philosophical, with judgement by "alegrías" and "fandangos de Lucena"


Sacromonte and Albaicín , "zambra" and "tangos"


Tharsis, Alosno and the Andévalo region sing and dance "por fandangos"


Farming and mining land, working songs and "cantes por tarantas".


Flamenco at dawn, Levante and mines styles

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