Flamenco dance experience

dreaming with your feet

Flamenco dance is probably the most vital manifestation of the art of which it forms a part, the art of flamenco. It represents art in its purest form, the body in a state of improvisation, and perfect symbiosis with the guitar and flamenco singing.

We present you an original, unique and inclusive tourist-cultural experience for you to discover Spain, its cities, its towns and its neighbourhoods through flamenco dance.⠀
What we offer you is more than a guided tour, more than a dance class, and much more than a tapas or a show.⠀
Let yourself be carried away by the magic and passion of dance to discover Andalusia through flamenco.⠀
No age limit, physical or mental condition or level.⠀

In this experience you set the limits… and we might break them. How far are you willing to go?

Choose how you want to live this adventure, choose how your favourite

Flamenco Experience


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