Flamenco dance experience

Dream with the feet, practice your bit of craziness

Flamenco dance is probably the most vital manifestation of the art of which it forms a part, the art of flamenco. It represents art in its purest form, the body in a state of improvisation, and perfect symbiosis with the guitar and flamenco singing.

A delight for the senses where the eyes filter the colours of the dress, the fringes of the flounces, and the ears do not lose the rhythm of the music that drives and shapes the body, the hands, the fan, or the “mantón”.

Do you want to experience parts of her movements,”salidas”, “letrillas”,”paseillos”,”escobillas” o “desplantes”? Do you have the courage to show all your expression, your feeling? Do you want to dance?

In this experience you set the limits… and we might break them. How far are you willing to go?

Experience this personalized and inclusive adventure, with no age limits, no limits on your physical or psychological condition, no level limits. 

Choose how you want to live this adventure, choose how your favourite

Flamenco Experience


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