All about heritage and gipsy roots

Flamenco is the soundtrack of the history of the gipsy people

By lebrijaflamenca.com

A walk around Lebrija with “Araceli Pardal” and “Pedro Carrasco”, authors and managers of the Blog “Lebrijaflamenca.com” a digital media specialized in flamenco and culture of the gypsy people located in Lebrija, the epicenter of the Andalusian gypsy territory.

A walk through the streets and squares of this Sevillian city to understand flamenco, not as an artistic expression but as a way of life, a way of being of the gypsy people and their sign of identity. To learn how territory, geography, and experiences of people throughout history have been generating a way of living and understanding flamenco.

“Flamenco is an expression of origin and essence. It is how Andalusian gypsies express themselves, of transmitting not only their feelings in the present but also their identity and their history, not exempt from suffering and prosecution”.

From the blog lebrijaflamenca.com


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