A very special tour of the hometown of great artists

There’s nothing better than getting to know a city with someone who was born there. And if it is a question of getting to know San Fernando through flamenco, we do it with a professional “cantaor” (flamenco singer) who can sing like an angel.

The “Calle Real” or “Camino Real” as it was formerly known as the oldest street in San Fernando and was, in its day, the only way of communication between Cadiz capital and the Iberian Peninsula.

It is the heart of city life, and will help us to start an adventure to get to know the city that saw the birth of Antonio Ortega “El Fillo”, D. José Llerena “El Chato de la Isla” , José Monje Cruz “Camarón”, Sara Baras and Niña Pastori amongst others.

We will visit emblematic places in the history and present of flamenco in this charming town, with the relaxed and serene atmosphere of living a unique moment and the emotion that comes from our guide’s voice when he starts singing “por fandangos”

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