Exploring Jerez and "sus cantes"

A walk with an expert to know and love flamenco

A very special and unique walk. In a city tour of Jerez de la Frontera, you will visit the most emblematic neighborhoods, squares, and places of the capital of Sherry where many flamenco artists were born and lived. You will also experience different styles and ways of understanding flamenco.

For the “duende” to get into your soul, as well as for the artist to transmit and the place to be appropriate, you must do your bit. Is what “aficionados” call “saber escuchar” (learn how to listen). Like reading a painting, it’s a sensitive technique that can be trained. If you are a good listener, the emotion of flamenco is channeled into your soul and you will be able to experience it more intensively.

With the altruistic collaboration of Jose María Castaño.


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