Looking for the magic in Sanlucar

The essence of the authentic

The luxury of living the authentic, of visiting genuine places, savoring direct flavors, rich raw material without adornments or artifacts. Not to be satisfied with being a witness of local life, but to be the protagonist of an original, simple, plain, and unhurried way of life, where the word “stress” is never pronounced and the only objective is to make those who share that moment smile.

We are at the “Guadalquivir” river mouth and opposite the “Coto de Doñana”. In the beautiful city of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, after making intelligent use of the local gastronomic products and watching one of the most beautiful sunsets in Europe, we go off the track of the tourist guidebooks.

A tour through the oldest taverns of the city, where “el mosto” and “la manzanilla” are poured into “sparrows” (it is a name given to a type of glass) with lots of friendly manners and great humor. and for “tapas” delicious Seafood, freshly fried fish o local seafood casseroles.

The night moves on and as if the day never ends, we look for the magical encounter. If the stars are auspicious, that being called “duende” can appear at any time.

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