taste the passion of “Andalucia”

Food, like flamenco, is a fundamental part of the “living” culture of “Andalucia”. We have designed experiences that will make you travel enjoying the products that our land and sea provides to get to know the flamenco homeland better and fall in love with it.

“Andalucia” is the region of sherry wine, fortified and complex wines aged in Solera systems. Like flamenco, they have been with us for centuries and have historical and cultural ties. We take up the baton and bring you original and exclusive experiences made to surprise you.

In addition, the way we cook and the way we eat say a lot about the territory and its people. We remember the contribution of the gypsy people to the Andalusian gastronomic cuisine and we take you to it.

Travel, sit at the table and enjoy.

Choose how you want to live this adventure, choose how your favourite

Flamenco Experience


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