"Los Cantes de Cádiz" Experience

Unwritten stories from generation to generation

The “Momi de Cadiz” is a professional “cantaor” (flamenco singer) and ambassador of Cadiz in the world. Nobody is better than him to lead us on this journey through this three-thousand-year-old city, one of the birthplaces of flamenco.

Cádiz is a particular city, its culture lies in its people, in its neighborhoods: La Viña, el Mentidero, Barrio del Pópulo and especially, the Barrio de Santa María, a modest quarter, full of history, where flamenco is present in every corner, in every building.

Early in the morning, after a good Andalusian breakfast and a quick walk around this fascinating city, you arrive at the district where they say flamenco began.  You walk through its narrow, winding streets, whitewashed walls, and balconies with geraniums, all smelling of the Art that runs through each of its streets.

Here, in the neighborhood where he was born, “El Momi” shares his memories, unwritten stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, tales of the artists who were born and lived in this place, almost two centuries of the history of a people that have been generating the breeding ground for a feeling, an emotion, to be transmitted in a special and so powerful way that listening to it will make your skin crawl, and even make you laugh with the charm and humour of “El Momi”.

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