The flamenco peÑas

real and traditional local flamenco

The flamenco peñas are non-profit cultural associations of “aficionados” to flamenco that usually gather once a week to have some tapas and enjoy traditional flamenco together.

The peÑas work as a transmission belt for flamenco and they are a symbol of the identity of the Andalusian people. Now they are within the reach of our flamenco-lovers to enjoy and live a great local adventure with them.

These experiences are designed with love and the maximum respect for traditions and the people who make them possible. We move away from the traditional tourist circuits to live a flamenco “fiesta” in an intimate circle of friends and fans of this art that is so much ours and  yours.


Flamenco Night in "Peña El Mellizo"

Direct and essential flamenco in the oldest "Peña Flamenca" in Cadiz


Member for one day

The luxury of belonging to a circle of flamenco fans

Choose how you want to live this adventure, choose how your favourite

Flamenco Experience


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