Fiesta Flamenca en "El Mellizo"

Pure and essential, straight to the heart

The “Peña Flamenca Gaditana Enrique el Mellizo” is the oldest peña in Cádiz. Founded in 1972, it was inspired by the imagination of the poet and writer “Fernando Quiñones”.

Experience a flamenco night at the Peña “El Mellizo” is a special opportunity for any flamenco fan. In the show, the magic goes beyond the purely musical and artistic. The emotion starts from the moment you step through the door and Manuel Millán “El Lito”, guitar player, and president of the “peña” welcomes you from the bar, while he gives the last orders to the waiters so that they can set up your table. Meanwhile, Angelita “la del Lito”, flamenco singer and the working soul of the restaurant, makes sure that the orders arrive in the kitchen in an organized manner, without rushing but without pausing.

The peña is filling up, after you have eaten your last bite of a scrumptious “pescaito” (fried fish) and refilled your glass, the lights go out and silence covers the arched enclosure of this 18th-century bastion…

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