Share great moments with artists  you admire 

Vivencias could be translated as Life Experiences!!: a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of flamenco art, experiencing it in its most human expression and sharing unforgettable moments with the people you admire.

Away from the stages and spotlights, far from the professionalism of the theatres, flamenco artists sing and dance solely for the love of it, performing exclusively for their family and closest friends. It is a true privilege to witness it up close.

You will witness the authenticity and soul of flamenco, sharing unforgettable moments with these artists who open their private world to you. You will learn about the deep roots of this tradition, hear fascinating stories, and, if you wish, even participate and learn some flamenco dance steps or songs.

Our “Vivencias” go beyond a mere show; they provide an intimate and personal connection with the very essence of flamenco. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy this unique art form from an authentic and close perspective, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Come  join us on this thrilling journey, where flamenco becomes a rich and transformative experience for all the senses!”

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