From Cadiz to Seville

the ultimate journey to the roots of flamenco

7 days / 6 nights

This is a journey to flamenco, which follows in the footsteps of those who left “El Planeta” or “El Fillo” two centuries ago when they went to Triana to sing in the taverns and singing cafés of the Andalusian capital.

You begin your journey by the sea, in the three-thousand-year-old city of El Mellizo and Chano Lobato, Cadiz, where you will take a very special guided tour of this charming city. You will also visit San Fernando where a flamenco singer awaits you to take you through the flamenco of the island, reminding you of the flamenco legend and visiting the legendary “Venta de Vargas”. Not to forget Jerez de la Frontera, capital of the fortified wine, land of horses, and one of the cities in the world where flamenco is most strongly lived.

On the way to Seville, we find two cities very connected by families and styles; Utrera and Lebrija where you can live the memory of one of the most racial and direct singers that flamenco has given us: Inés Bacán.

And our final destination is the magnificent and flamenco city of Seville to enjoy its neighborhoods as their ancestors did, by flamenco experience.

Day 1 Cadiz.Arrival

Meeting at the hotel to make sure everything is to your liking. When you have relaxed you will have a first contact with the city with a special tapas tour to end the day with a romantic sunset on the romantic beach of “La Caleta”.

Day 2 Cadiz

After your first night in Cádiz, it’s time to get to know the city. A visit to the Cathedral, the Tavira Tower, and the San Felipe Neri Oratory is highly recommended. In the late afternoon, you will head to the Barrio de Santa María for a very special flamenco experience to participate in our memory workshop led by an internationally renowned professional flamenco singer.

Day 3 Cadiz and “La Isla”

Excursion to the city of San Fernando, known as “La Isla” and birthplace of the legendary Camarón and Niña Pastori. You will meet a professional “cantaor” to stroll along “Calle Real”, and a visit to the most emblematic flamenco venues, such as “Venta de Vargas”, where you will enjoy authentic Andalusian cuisine and the real and authentic flamenco.

Day 4 Sherry, Horses and Flamenco

In Jerez, the topic of wine, horse, and flamenco is a way of life. After visiting one of the most important equestrian centers in the town, we go to a charming winery to discover the secrets of Sherry wine, and then why not try your skills with your feet on the flamenco heels.

Day 5 On the way to Seville, stopping at Lebrija and Utrera

We take direction Seville and before we arrive, it is required to make a stop on the way to visit two beautiful cities in the marshes and countryside of Seville with a lot of weight in the origin of flamenco art: Lebrija and Utrera. Today our memory workshop experience will be about one of the most important families of flamenco: The Peña-Bacan and you will be guided by their faithful successor, the “cantaora” Ines Bacan.

Day 6 Seville

After your first night in Seville and after giving yourself some time to shop around and rest, it is time to take a tour of the flamenco districts of Seville with our specialist flamenco guide and visit the Alameda, Macarena and Triana districts. Street flamenco, spontaneous and up to date to complete this magnificent experience with a wonderful flamenco “fiesta”.

Day 7 Departure

Return home.
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