From vineyards to cellars…” al compás”

The magic of winemaking in the sherry region

6 days / 5 nights

Flamenco in Andalusia, and especially in the province of Cadiz, is strongly linked to wine, to the generous wine produced in what is known as the “Marco de Jerez”. A privileged region, where you can find the purest essence of Andalusia: the light, the sea, and a landscape of soft white hills with vineyards and some other cultivations. 

On this trip, as well as getting to know the places, the monuments, and its people, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of sensations, smells, and flavours that make us discover the culture, tradition, and customs of territory through all of our senses.

Day 1 Jerez, and its Sherry Cathedrals

Welcome to Jerez. Today you are staying at the hotel of your choice. After a break from the trip and some free time to get to know the surroundings, your first tour is an introduction to the Cathedrals of Sherry Wine to live an experience where you will discover the important connection between the architecture, art, and climate and their role in the production of sherry fortified wines.
Visit the great wineries to admire their walls, ceilings, and Albero soil and understand their important part in the production of sherry.

Day 2 In Jerez, fino; in Sanlúcar, Manzanilla.

After your first night in Jerez, it’s time to taste the wine. Today you will discover what you have probably heard all along: the “fino” is from Jerez and the “manzanilla” from Sanlúcar. In the morning you will visit a bodega in Jerez for a tasting of fortified wines, including the fino. And in the afternoon, you set off to Sanlúcar de Barrameda for a night visit to one of the most emblematic wineries of the city.

Day 3 Hidden pearls of the Sherry Triangle

Today is the day to give yourself a prize and make a visit to the winery an almost mystical experience and to carry out a tasting of very old wines, within reach of very few people. Wines VOS and VORS that have been aging in the soleras system for many years waiting for the right moment to be enjoyed…and today they are finally within your reach.

Day 4 The vineyard, the terroir

Sherry wine would not be what it is without the land where it is grown. Today you head out to the vineyard to stand on the Albariza land in the Jerez landscape; to see and handle the grapes that grow on its vines. To make your day more interesting we have prepared a special picnic and some flamenco music and dance.

Day 5 Not just Sherry

Jerez is not only dedicated to fortified wines. There are more and more red and white wines that are the result of research and the work of oenologists, cellar managers, and wine-makers. You will witness the recovery of native grapes such as Tintilla or the creation of complex and original Signature Wines and high-quality organic wines, which are the result of the passion of winemaking families. We will toast to it. Cheers!

Day 6 Departure

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