Cadiz is well known for its beaches, its mountains, its gastronomy and its wines… And also for its flamenco. A style marked by the geography, the light, the salt and the sound of the Ocean that is called “Los Cantes de Cadiz”

Cadiz province is known in flamenco for “Cadiz and its ports”, which covers the entire Atlantic coast of the province from Algeciras to Sanlucar, which extends and enriches itself even more, perhaps because of the gypsy influence when it arrives in Jerez de la Frontera.

In the city of Cadiz (the capital of the province)  we reach “El Barrio de Santa Maria” where among other great artists, Enrique el Mellizo, one of the great pillars of flamenco, was born. The Ocean invades boldly forming the Bay of Cadiz to bathe the towns of Rota, Puerto de Santa Maria, Puerto Real, Cadiz, and San Fernando, named “La Isla” by the locals and the birthplace of important and recognized flamenco artists.

Inland, and among the vineyards, you will find Jerez de la Frontera where peñas, tablaos, and tabancos await you to enjoy all year round an authentic and passionate art form. To the west on the banks of the Guadalquivir and opposite The Natural Park of Doñana, the beautiful city of Sanlucar de Barrameda awaits you to enjoy its fish and seafood, good manzanilla, and a stunning sunset.

Feel the salt, the light, the people, and "Los Cantes". Discover Cadiz through flamenco experience

Flamenco experiences in Cadiz

Memories workshop

"Los Cantes de Cadiz" Experience

Unwritten stories floating in popular culture


Looking for the magic in Sanlucar

The essence of the authentic 


Exploring Jerez and "sus cantes"

A walk with an expert to get to know and love flamenco


Flamenco Night in Peña El Mellizo

Direct and essential flamenco in the oldest "Peña Flamenca" in Cadiz


Down the Royal Street in "La Isla"

A very special visit to the hometown of great artists

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