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After several years of research, interviews, meetings and courses; a lot of money in tickets to shows and festivals (without a journalist’s pass), many, many phone calls, and some moments of uncertainty and anxiety at the point of giving up… today we are on the move. And yes, we do it now, in the middle of this global economic-sanitary crisis with all the right measures and adjustments to adapt to such extraordinary circumstances and be able to offer with dunacandela.com what I have been dreaming of since 2016: flamenco experience

We are the first and only travel agency specialized in flamenco destinations

Experience an exciting adventure with a journey to the PASSION OF FLAMENCO

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We understand flamenco as part of the LIVE culture of a people, so yes, you can label us within the cultural tourism industry. After all, flamenco is World Heritage, we are also aware of its universality. The fact that it is a “living musical art” gives it the freedom to have no borders and it is impossible to talk about a denomination of origin of flamenco. What we are certain of is that it emerged in a specific territory and left a cultural mark wherever it passed through, while the individuals, families and neighbours who welcomed it as their own have left us a legacy of their art, their creativity, and a wide range of customs, ways of being and facing up to the world, which continues to develop and which we now wish to share with you.

On the other hand, travelling is for us an attitude to life, to the unknown, a desire not to be a spectator of other cultures, but to be the protagonist of your own adventure. Somewhere I have read that we no longer travel, but “go somewhere else”, missing the opportunity, perhaps because of the rush to get there, to enjoy the journey itself. Our destination goes beyond the physical territory and we propose a trip to a different way of understanding life through flamenco experience. The geographical place, that unavoidable territory that we walk on, becomes, in some way, a consequence of the cultural, musical, artistic and spiritual events that take place there.

Exclusive experiences, events tickets handling, accommodation management, transfers…

We do whatever it takes to make sure your only worry is having fun

In our website, which is now yours, you will find different ways to discover Spain through flamenco experience, which means that you can live flamenco directly and without any artificial tricks. We have designed experiences exclusively for our flamenco-travellers: Flamenco walks through beautiful corners impregnated with flamenco art, spaces for the memory to listen to forgotten cantes and to be able to enjoy the good moments of the past in the present. Experiences to share great moments as guests to family parties of great artists. Attending shows and festivals with professional logistical support in accommodation and transfers and much more.

In the launching campaign, we have chosen two areas that have seen the birth of flamenco: Cadiz and Seville, the two provinces of Lower Andalusia where it all began. This is where all our trips start and end. Soon, with the support of our flamenco-travellers, they will be followed by other flamenco singing provinces such as Malaga, Cordoba and Granada, sooner rather than later.

Exclusive, ethical and sustainable personalized tours and experiences

Our trips and experiences are customized and tailor-made for all of our travelers. Some require a minimum group and others can be individual. Most of them are exclusive for dunacandela.com, the fewest ones have the participation of external collaborators carefully chosen. We work with cultural associations and peñas, so part of the money you spend with us will go towards supporting the development of the cultural association network of flamenco. Our code of ethics commits us to hire professional artists respecting their official contracts and the legal rules of hiring in our country.

You can get to know flamenco by travelling around in Andalusia, we would like to invite you to discover Andalusia through flamenco experience, in an exciting journey to great passion living an Andalusian adventure.

Travel, experience, feel!

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